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Named an Amazon #1 New Release!

Dad's Little Book of Wisdom

Earn More, Achieve More,
& Live a Good Life
A Guide For Young Professionals of All Ages

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“As the father of two children in their early twenties, I am getting them both copies!  

Great advice using memorable stories on a myriad of topics including goals, faith, finances, decision-making, and so much more.  Simple and easy to navigate to select topics for a quick read."


VP of Growth, AmeriGas

“This wonderful, inspiring book motivates young people to unlock their full potential for great success in life, and to become everything they are capable of becoming.”

BRIAN TRACY, Author/Speaker/Consultant

“I often wonder whether I have given enough instruction to my three boys. Did they listen? Will they remember? Did I cover everything? 

As I give each of my three sons a copy of this book, I will let them know that the well-thought-out advice mirrors my own and will put them on a path to success. A path that will help them avoid common mistakes and, most importantly, become a better person!”


VP of Operations, Superior Plus Energy

"In this insightful book, Mark presents a very thoughtful, detailed, heartfelt, and practical guide for any and all young professionals.


The reader will be inspired. But more so, he or she is given concrete, real world wisdom, and solutions to succeed at the highest levels.

Bravo to you Mark on sharing such a meaningful work to help others!”


Founder of The Minnesota Real Estate Team - The #1 Real Estate Team in MN (every year 2006 through 2020);
Pianist with The O’Neill Brothers – Streamed more than 1 billion times

“Great advice for personal growth, seeing the long view, and prioritizing relationships.


Lots of advice I wish I had heard when I was 18 (or even 25!).”


Organizer of Corpus Christi Guardians, a group for fathers

A complete reference guide for both young children and adult children trying to find their way in life!

As a dad of three adult daughters, we have been given a gift from Mark, as he shares 20 years of life experience in the form of a 'Tool Box for success.' 

Thank you Mark for your vulnerability in sharing insights!”


Strategic Account Executive

About the Book

Earn More, Achieve More, and Live a Good Life

“Dad, what advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?”


That was the question Mark Fennell’s 11-year-old daughter asked him one morning, and the answer is this book. In Dad’s Little Book of Wisdom, Fennell, a happily married father of three kids, imparts the wisdom and advice he has collected from his decades in sales and sales management to become a top salesman at a Fortune 500 Company.


This book contains Fennell’s best collection of advice and wisdom from his experience as a father and successful businessman as well as his personal selection of hundreds of quotes from venerable thinkers to provide inspirational, optimistic, and down-to-earth practical tips.


Learn how to:

  • clarify your desires and set goals to attract what you want into your life

  • take control of your most critical resources – your attitude, time, and money

  • overcome limiting beliefs and lack of motivation

  • increase your earnings and set yourself on a path to financial independence

  • deepen your faith, family, and friend relationships

...and much more.


It’s a resource that professionals of all ages will return to again and again. If you follow the advice in this book, you’ll find yourself empowered to earn more, achieve more, and live a good life.


Parents & Grandparents:


This is the book your son, daughter, or grandchild needs to read as they’re preparing to leave the nest. A wonderful graduation gift, Dad’s Little Book of Wisdom will save your son, daughter, or grandchild tons of heartache and mistakes as they venture out to achieve their personal and career goals.

About the Book
About the Author

About the Author

Mark Fennell-1.jpg

Mark Fennell is an author, speaker, and business professional who has worked for over 22 years in sales and sales management. After almost being fired three times for poor sales performance, he focused on learning and utilizing his unique strengths. This eventually led to recognition for Top 3 sales performance for a division of his global Fortune 500 company.

Mark enjoys reading, running, and spending time with his family. He has read over 400 books, amassing a collection of over 500 quotes and has run five marathons, including the Boston Marathon.

Mark and his wife Dana have been married for 18 years and reside in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. They are blessed with three children.

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